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Hey, I'm Sami Malik

A versatile developer crafting innovative web and software solutions that transform ideas into reality.

About Me Here you will find more information about me, what I do, and my current skills mostly in terms of programming and technology

Get to know me!

I'm a passionate and dedicated Software Developer with a keen interest in web and software development. With a strong foundation in computer science and years of hands-on experience, I thrive on transforming complex concepts into elegant, user-centric solutions. I possess a diverse skill set that spans across Web Development, Software Development, and Mobile App Development.

My goal is to create Impactful Digital Experiences that not only meet client objectives but also exceed user expectations. With a drive for continuous learning and an eye for detail, I am constantly exploring new Technologies and techniques to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

I'm open to Job opportunities where I can contribute, learn and grow. If you have a good opportunity that matches my skills and experience then don't hesitate to contact me. Let's Collaborate and bring your ideas to life!


My Skills

Responsive Design
MERN Stack
Velo Developer
Wix Website Developer

Projects With a diverse portfolio spanning multiple industries, I have showcased my adaptability and technical skills as a developer. From PR agencies to logistics services, audiobook distribution to math practice platforms, I bring innovative ideas to life and deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each industry.

Here you will find some of the projects that I created with each project containing its own case study

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I brought to life the vision of a vibrant London-based consumer and B2B PR agency using Wix, custom HTML, and JavaScript. The website showcases their diverse portfolio and expertise in the arts, entertainment, culture, education, health, and hospitality sectors. The website is tailored to their specific requirements, delivering a visually appealing and impactful online presence.

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Audio Book Release

As the developer of Audiobook Release, I created a seamless platform for e-Audio Productions, providing exceptional service, global distribution, and high royalty payouts to authors and publishers. With a strong focus on development, I built an innovative website to facilitate effective release strategies and promotion tools for audiobooks.

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Envision Media

I designed and implemented a customized booking system for their photography events, including weddings, real estate, and other photoshoots. By leveraging my expertise, I created a user-friendly website that enables seamless booking and showcases their portfolio in an engaging manner.

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JK Logistics

I have successfully crafted a comprehensive online platform for their transportation services. By utilizing my expertise, I created a user-friendly website that effectively highlights their range of offerings. Through intuitive design and seamless functionality, I have provided JK Logistics with a professional online presence that showcases their expertise in the industry.

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Klang Kreise

As the developer of Klang Kreise's website, I built an event management system and digital platform aligned with their mission of creating sacred sound spaces for deep knowledge, transformation, and healing. Through my expertise in web development, I brought their vision to life, enabling individuals to discover and participate in these sacred sound experiences.

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Math Addiction

I take pride in creating an engaging platform that promotes a passion for mathematics and facilitates learning. By developing interactive quizzes and the entire website, I aimed to provide students with a free and accessible resource for unlimited math practice. Through a healthy cycle of practice, improvement, and gaining confidence, users can enhance their mathematical skills.

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Rolla Video

I focused on delivering a user-friendly platform that empowers users to create professional, branded video content effortlessly. With Rolla, even those without prior film experience can harness the power of video to fuel business growth. By providing intuitive tools and a seamless experience, I enabled users to create consistent and impactful video content with ease.

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Tier 7 Network

As the developer of Tier 7 Trading's website, I created a robust platform that consolidates and amplifies trading power. Our secure network provides key edges for greater financial success. With a focus on user experience, I engineered a seamless and efficient trading experience.

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I crafted an intuitive platform that streamlines the discovery of suitable survival foods. By leveraging intelligent development techniques, I created a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily search and explore a comprehensive database. With a focus on functionality and efficiency, I empowered users to make informed decisions and enhance their preparedness.

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